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We have more combined experience than any other group. Our umpires are all thoroughly trained and all have a deep respect for their role as an official.

Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Umpires that know the rules
  • Umpires calling to confirm assignments with coaches before assignments
  • Umpires that show up for an assignment and show up on time
  • 24/7 Access to the assigning website
  • Online evaluation of umpires after each game
  • Onsite UIC for all Tournaments
  • UMPIRE FEES (2016)

Umpire fees are paid at ground rules in cash or by check. Game will not start until all fees are paid to umpire(s). The fees below are only for Regular season games and not for Sandlot America Tournaments.

Age# of InningsTwo UmpiresOne Umpire
9 - 116$55$55
13 - 157$55$75
13 - 159$65$85
16 - 187$60$80
16 - 189$70$85

The fee schedule below is for all Sandlot America Tournaments:
AgeUmpiresPer Umpire / Per GameNotes
10-11 2 $60.00 (6 INNINGS)
12 2 $60.00
13-152 $65.00
16-182 $70.00

For all Semi-Finals and Finals we use a Three man system

The Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments is dedicated to providing the best possible officiating for all levels of Baseball in Ohio, Savannah GA and Hilton Head, SC. We offer a very competitive umpire game fee as well as affordable scheduling fees. We strive to offer the best officiating on the field using our skills, training and knowledge of the rules.

Umpires play an integral role in the integrity, sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game. If you are looking for an umpire organization to officiate your home Baseball schedule or tournaments, you have found the best in Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments.

For any additional information about all of our services or any other questions please contact me ASAP:

Mitch Sacks
Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments

Fax: (843) 645-9790
Cell: (513) 313-0014

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